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Sectional Title living's popularity has grown exponentially during the last couple of years.  Predictions are that this trend will only increase in the future.  The reality is that the majority of people can only afford a portion of a conventional property.  The very alarming part is that most people do not understand the basics of sectional title living.

Simple questions like:

  • where does common property start and end?
  • what are my responsibilities after I have bought into a sectional title scheme?
  • what are my voting rights at an Annual General Meeting?

and many more results into a myriad of very different answers of which most are not correct.

If you consider that a lot of people have made the largest investment of their life's into buying a sectional title property and that one can be held personally liable for a debt that the body corporate cannot pay, the need for simple and understandable information on sectional title living becomes so much more important.

In this blog, we will be attempting to explain all the concepts, the different sections of the law as well as basic principles for living in peace and harmony with your neighbor and fellow complex residents, in the simplest of simple terms.

Please comment and give us your comments, feedback, and most importantly your questions.

Happy learning.

The Iconlinx Team

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Friday, 03 February 2023

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