Playing to your Strengths

The Perfect Fit

tupperware-shape-o-toy-strengths There is a perfect hole for each shape.

Have you ever watched a toddler playing with a shape sorter toy, trying to fit the different shapes into the slots of the ball? Even fitting the correct shape into the corresponding slot could still be a challenge. One cannot ignore the joy when eventually that shape did fit perfect and the task could be completed successfully!

In the same way, we are daily trying to fit ourselves and others into different shapes or roles. By default, we often assume that, if we are a square, everyone else would also fit comfortably in the square slot. And of course, others think exactly the same as you, expecting you to fit in an oval shape because they are ovals. In this disarray of shapes, we get frustrated as expectations are not met, often leaving us demotivated and ultimately disengaged.

Gallup StrengthsFinder helps you to discover your natural talents, your unique recurring pattern of thought, feeling, or behaviour. Finding your shape is however only the first part of the journey, just as the toddler with the correct shape struggles to fit it in the correct slot.

The next step is to properly develop your talents to become a strength. This gives you the ability to provide consistent near-perfect performance in a specific activity. Not only does this energise you but also leads to a more fulfilled and productive you!

Donald Clifton, the founder of Gallup StrengthsFinder said: "The right expectations begin from the inside out. You set up people for success when you consider their talents before you shape your expectations of them." Knowing your shape and fit is just as important as knowing the shape and fit of the people around you, be it your spouse or your team at work. Understanding the different shapes leads to an appreciation of the uniqueness of each shape. Developing those shapes ensures perfect fits, leading to synergy.

If you or your team want to find out what your natural talents are and/or need coaching in developing them into strengths, contact Rentia Human at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Rentia Human

Specialist Strengths Coach

BA Hons Psychology

Passionate about developing potential

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Friday, 03 February 2023

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